Mexico: Fatima

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Country: Mexico: Fatima
Farmer: Ernesto Perez & Givette Perez Orea
Varietal: Garnica, Marsellesa and Typica
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1250 MASL.
Flavour notes: Dark chocolate, prune & nutmeg
Roast: Medium
Size: 8oz / 227 grams

Finca Fatima is a family-owned farm in Coatepec in Mexico. Owner Ernesto Perez and his sister, Givette Perez Orea oversee cultivation and processing on the farm. In 2023, they expanded their operations by purchasing a new farm called Finca La Perla.
This lot is comprised of Garnica, Marsellesa and Typica varieties. At 1,250 meters above sea level, Finca Fatima is at risk of Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) and other diseases and pests. One tactic Ernesto and Givette use is planting CLR-resistant varieties like Garnica and Marsellesa. With careful cultivation and processing, these trees still have immense quality potential. The fastidious processing at Finca Fatima ensures high-quality profiles from these trees.

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8oz / 227g


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