Kenya: Karani


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Country: Kenya (Kirinyaga)
Farmer: 600 smallholder farmer
Varietal: SL28 & SL34
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1700 – 1800 MASL
Flavour notes: Passion fruit, cranberry and honey
Roast: Light
Size: 8oz / 227 grams

An amazingly sweet, fruity, and complex Kenyan coffee.

The Karani washing station is a prime example of Kenya’s excellent coffee production, resulting in an incredibly sweet and fruity coffee with notes of cranberry and passion fruit. The cherries are cultivated by smallholder farmers, with only 20 trees on average per family. The farms are situated on the region’s rich volcanic soil, bringing about crisp and complex acidity.

Smallholders handpick the ripe cherries and deliver them to the factory the same day. At intake, the cherries are meticulously sorted, which is overseen by the cherry clerk. It is to make sure that only ripe, undamaged cherries are received.

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8oz / 227g


Whole bean, Filter, French Press, AeroPress, Moka Pot, Espresso