Brazil : Sitio Da Torre


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Brazil (Mantiqueira de Minas)
Farmer:  The Silva Family
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Processing: Pulped Natural
Altitude: 1100 – 1300 MASL
Tasting notes: Maple syrup, cashew nuts, mandarin & white chocolate
Roast: Dark

An amazingly sweet and smooth Brazilian coffee produced by the 4th generation coffee producers of The Silva family.

Antonio Coli arrived in Brazil in the 1800s. His search for a better life is realized in the Silva family and his descendants who continue Antonio’s legacy of coffee production, now on 95 hectares of land.

Since they began focusing on specialty production in 2002, Sitio da Torre has places in the Brazilian Cup of Excellence 29 times. Despite their great success, they do not settle, and continue to improve their cultivation and processing methods, producing ever-better coffees each harvest.

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