Burundi : Nemba (Washed)


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Country: Burundi (Kayanza)
Farmer: 3113 Smallholder Farmers
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1700 MASL
Tasting notes: Blueberry, Apple and Papaya
Roast: Light

An exceptionally beautiful and delicate fully washed coffee from Burundi.

This coffee has gone through extensive quality checking throughout each step of the production, resulting in a cup of the highest standard.
It is characterized by its tropical sweetness, bright acidity, and floral aftertaste.

Brews well on any brewing methods.

Coffee in Burundi

Burundi has long been overlooked in comparison to its neighboring East African specialty coffee-producing powerhouses. However, Burundi season, for us, is one of the highlights of the annual coffee calendar. The country’s coffee is produced almost entirely by smallholder farmers, and much of this small-scale production is of exceptional quality. With its super sweet, clean, and often floral coffees, Burundi, every year, is increasingly putting itself on the specialty coffee map.

Coffee is of paramount importance to families and the country at large. Considering this, improving and expanding coffee infrastructure is not just a way to improve incomes, it is a way to revolutionize the earning potential of an entire nation.

Building washing stations and expanding agricultural extension work can be great ways to improve coffee quality. Washing stations are pivotal in improving cup profile standards and the global reputation of Burundian coffee.

Both state-owned and private actors drive Burundi’s coffee industry and play key roles as washing station management companies and exporters. State-owned companies are called Sogestals, short for “Sociétés de Gestions des Stations de Lavage” (Washing station management companies). Privately-owned companies can operate under a variety of different names.


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8oz / 227g


Whole bean, Filter, French Press, AeroPress, Moka Pot, Espresso